340B Solutions

Is your medical organization 340b eligible? Do you want to reduce your patients’ drug costs, but you don’t know how to start? Well, let DataRX help your organization achieve your goal by utilizing our consultative services, and simple transparent program design.  DataRx can offer a 340b program which improves patient compliance and uncovers a new revenue stream at no cost or risk to you!

Your entire 340B program will be automated and monitored by DataRx’s proprietary software, “RxSense”. DataRx has the capabilities to: collect and report pharmacy claims detail real-time (NO REPROCESSING OF CLAIMS) , track on-going patient compliance, customize drug  formulary, supply virtual inventory management , establish EDI relationship with preferred wholesaler (automated ordering and replenishment), and track manage care reconciliation payments.

 Our entire staff, from sales to our account management team, will work to bring your 340b program “live” in a timely manner.

DataRx can also identify, communicate, and contract with local pharmacies on your behalf, submit and register appropriate OPA Registration forms, educate on the subject of reorder and replenishment of medications, update and load 340b contracted prices, and establish appropriate billing protocols.

Besides the initial start-up, we can handle the questions and issues directly from the contract pharmacies and your staff. Additionally, educate on other topics of: collections and settlement of all monies, replenishment orders, third party account reconciliations, and system training and support.


  • Simple and Transparent Program Design
  • Improved revenue
  • Process all manage care plans even Express Scripts
  • Establish Local Pharmacy Network Development and Implementation
  • HRSA/ OPA Registration
  • Real-Time Prescription Claim Adjudication
  • Establish Wholesale Coordination & EDI
  • Third Party Collections and Billing Settlement
  • Pharmacy Help Desk & Account Management
  • Complete Patient Eligibility Control
  • Patient Savings/ Improved compliance