Notice From NCPDP

Attention Pharmacists-Owners: Report Your NPI to NCPDP by Mar. 1 Or You Won't Get Paid After May 23.

Some health plans and pharmacy claims processors began accepting claim transactions with the National Provider Identifier (NPI) for pharmacies in January. Many of these health plans and other payers use the NCPDP Pharmacy Database to obtain pharmacy NPI's and establish a crosswalk to match the NPI with the corresponding NCPDP ID number.

If you have not received your pharmacy's NPI, please:

  • Go to and apply on-line. You should receive your pharmacy's NPI via email in a few days
  • Go to info.htm and download the NCPDP and NPI Pharmacy Application Form
    • complete the Application Form,
    • include a copy of the NPI notification you receive from CMS via email or letter, and
    • fax to NCPDP at 480-767- 1043

NCPDP is requiring all pharmacies that have not already notified NCPDP of their NPIs do so by March 1, 2007. Failure to submit your pharmacy NPI information to NCPDP by March 1, 2007 may result in rejection of your claims by some payers after May 23, 2007.

There is no cost in obtaining your pharmacy's NPI and sharing it with NCPDP. There is a significant possibility of payment disruption and resulting costs of NOT doing so.

If you are not incorporated, your pharmacist NPI and pharmacy NPI should be the same.

If you have questions regarding how to obtain your pharmacy's NPI, call CMS at 1-800-465- 3203.

If you have questions regarding submitting your NPI to NCPDP, call NCPDP at 480-477-1000, ext. 100.

Please notify DataRx Management of your NPI also.